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Fiber Chemical Trade Distribution
Information Communication Constrution Engineering

Fiber Chemical

Fiber In 1957, Kolon pioneered the
Korean textile industry by being the
first to locally produce nylon goods.
Since then, the Kolon Group has
maintained the top position in the local
textile industry through continuous investment and research and development.
It is now equipped with integrated facilities capable of producing yarn,
fabrics, weaving, sewing, dyeing and other major textile products.
Chemical From its humble beginnings as a synthetic textile
manufacturer, Kolon has evolved into a general chemicals corporation
through the expansion of business bases into precision chemicals,
phamaceuticals and petrochemicals.
KOLON Chemical Co., Ltd. http://eng.kolonchemical.co.kr           
KOLON Pharmaceutical Inc. http://pharma.kolon.co.kr

Trade Distribution

Trade Kolon International Corp
considers its most important markets
to be in the United States, Japan,
Europe and Southeast Asia. To and
from these regions, the company
exports and imports textiles, heavy chemicals, products of light industry,
military supplies, steel, and agro-lifestock. Further the company is involved
in overseas resource development, joint ventures and three-nation trade.
American style convenience stores have now made their mark on the
Korean economy and lifestyle. Kolon Mart, Inc, in cooperation with the
American firm Dairy Mart opened their first store, Lawsons, in 1989.
There are now over 300 Lawsons in Korea featuring over 3000 items.
KOLON International Corp.   http://www.koloncorp.com/english/kolon_eng
KOLON Mart, Inc. http://www.daa-mart.co.kr
KOLON Motors, Inc. http://www.kolonmotors.com

KOLON Information Communication

Kolon put great emphasis on the
cultural enlightenment of general public and
thus provides various scholarship funds and
cultural activities. In addition,
Kolon has entered the entertainment
and cultural industry by joining the Korean cable television broadcation system.

Data Communication Co., Ltd. http://kdc.kolon.co.kr                  
KOLON Hotel Co., Ltd.
    -KOLON Art & Cinema TV http://www.anc37.co.kr

KOLON Constrution Engineering

Nominated as Korea`s best plant
enginnering contractor. Kolon`s
construction division specializes on
dismantling buildings. Capitalizing on
its reputation for precise construction
engineering technology from the initial contact to the completion of the project.
Kolon is now developing construction methods for the future.

Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. http://kec.kolon.co.kr/english/..htm

KOLON Leisure

Through its information and
telecommunications services, sports
facilities and hotel businesses. Kolon is
pursuing its goal to provide a healthier
lifestyle by placing top priority in customer
satisfaction and the improvement of welfare and leisure facilities.

KOLON International Corp Sport.... http://www.nexfree.com
KOLON Sporex Co., Ltd. http://www.sporex.com
KOLON Hotel Co., Ltd.
    -KOLON Hotel Co., Ltd. http://www.kolonhotel.co.kr
    -KOLON Development Co., Ltd. http://www.mauna.co.kr/home....htm

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