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ASTROLL is the brand name of KOLON
's new and improved polyester film.
ASTROLL features excellent physical, chemical and
electrical properties with a wide variety of applications.

It is used for :
- Packaging
- Metallizing
- Insulating
- Industrial Materials
- Magnetic Records

KOLON has earned recognition from various international standardization
associations, such as the FDA, BGA, and UL, and has also gained
ISO 9002 in 1995 from BSI.

Packaging Applications
ASTROLL has proved to be a standard in packaging articles thanks
to its high strength, heat - and - cold resistance,sanitary effect and
low gas - and - moisture permeability. Therefore it can be safely used
for wrapping such special materials as foods, medical supplies and
agricultural chemicals.

Metallizing Applications
Merits of both metal and plastics film have well been incorporated into
metallized film so that it can provide its users with versatile applications.
ASTROLL's outstanding properties in heat stability, transparency and
durability offer success in vacuum metallizing, and feature
further potential in developing new articles.

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