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ASTROLL has been used as a packaging material
undergoing printing, metallizing, and laminating due to its excellent
mechanical properties such as tensile strength, elongation,
F-5 value and outstanding dimensional stability.

ASTROLL has wide applicable temperature range from -70 to
150 (-95 ~ 300) and can be applied in the severe condition from -200 to
200 (-325 ~ 400) at the expense of some physical properties.

Since ASTROLL shows a excellent dimensional stability, it lays flat along the
heat sealed areas and is free from wrinkling, rippling, dimpling, and shrinking.

Besides, the excellent chemical resistance against oil or grease, the
resistance to the sterilization process, good barrier characteristics for gas
and humidity of ASTROLL is of great help to passing the tight standard
for food packaging of USA, Europe, and Japan.

Kolon has performed continuous R&D for the improvement of ASTROLLTM
quality to meet the various requirement of customers.

The major applications for package includes :

   Sweets & Cookies
   Sauces & Dressing
   Coffee & Yeast
   Dehydrate foods
   Soup mixes and pasta

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