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AMIDROLL is biazially oriented nylon-6 film
manufactured first in Korea by the accumulated technologies
and the most updated facilities of KOLON who has
been experienced in producing nylon filament
yarn since 1963 and polyester film since 1991
It is now also manufactured in Indonesia at
Its superior properties such as:
- High Transparency
- Excellent mechanicals strength
- Abrasion Resistance
- Minimized thickness deviation
- Extreme Temperature Tolerance
- Low Gas Pemeability
- Excellent Oil and Chemical Resistance.

Make AMIDROLL never fail to satisfy the strictest standard of various
industries particularly in food packaging field.

The wide variations of AMIDROLL can be find as follow:
a) Frozen Food
            AMIDROLL resists the impact of puncture and pin-holding effectively
            even under frozen conditions.It is not only cooked food, it also excels
            in packaging frozen or chilled fishes, meat, vegetables.

b) Liquid Food
            AMIDROLL is essential to pack seasoned liquid food such as soup,
            soya sauce, cream, etc.

c) Vacuum and Gas Flush Packaging
            AMIDROLL stability is outstanding in both retort pouch and
            processed food packaging since it neithershrink nor change shape
            during heat treatment.

d) Electrical Uses
            AMIDROLL superiority in dielectric strength, temperature stability and
            electrical integrity meets the sophisticated requirement of
            cable wrapping and electrical insulation uses.

e) Others
            - Packaging for compressable articles; blanket, cotton wool
            - Packaging for chemical good; chemical fertilizer, agricultural medicines.
            - Packaging for medical supplies; medical instruments, medicines.
            - Toy balloons, electronic and aircraft parts, etc.

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