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AMIDROLLTM has following properties :

1. Excellent for printing applications
AMIDROLLTM has superb ink adhesion for printing,
which can be greatly enhanced by corona treatment on one
or both sides of a product.

AMIDROLLTM has following properties :

1. Excellent for printing applications
AMIDROLLTM has superb ink adhesion for printing, which can be greatly
enhanced by corona treatment on one or both sides of a product.

2. Balance for Processing
AMIDROLLTM has a high degree of stiffness, making it perfect for laminating
with a wide variety of films.

3. Resistance to impact puncture and pinholing
AMIDROLLTM's high impact strength and excellent abrasion resistance help
prevent film breakage.

4. Wide range of temperature tolerance
AMIDROLLTM's physical properties remain effective over a temperature
range of -76 ~ +248 (-60 ~ +120). AMIDROLLTM is therefore suitable
for both food packaging and frozen food packaging.

5. Resistance to food deterioration
AMIDROLLTM's excellent gas barrier properties, including low oxygen
permeability, prevent deterioration of food freshness and quality.

6. Excellent oil and chemical resistance
AMIDROLLTM boasts superior oil resistance compared with other plastic
films; it also has good resistance to alkali and organic solvents.

Kolon Industries, Inc. http://ikolon.com/eng/films/nylon/application.html  

Stamping Foil

Kolon stamping foil creates that classy look for your graphics,
packaging and promotional materials. Our stamping foil line is
available in various golds, silvers and other fantastic metallic
colors. The variety and versatility of colors into infinite
substrates offers designers the flexibility and creativity
in selecting just the right materials for their masterpieces.

That's the LOOK!
But beyond versatility and quality, we at Kolon would like to
provide the fullest possible service to our customers. With our devoted
marketing and research staff at the ready, we stand prepared to fulfill
every customer requirement in the use of our stamping foils.

International distributors and printers will have a new assistant or
consultant with technical and marketing expertise from the moment they join
the happy members of our customer group.

Kolon has comprehensive and vertically integrated control over all film
operations--from nylon/polyester chips to variously processed specialty films.
At Kolon, we're able to utilize expertise from all of our film operations in order
to guarantee quality while maintaining the lowest possible costs for our
stamping foil products. We take pride in the fact that many of the world's top
stamping foil makers--our competitors--are using Kolon's polyester films.

Kolon Industries, Inc. http://ikolon.com/eng/films/stamping/intro....html

Window Film

SUNSTROLLTM is Kolon's brand of window film.
its applications range from the windows of commercial
buildings and residential housing to the windows of automobiles.

By installing SUNSTROLLTM on your existing glass,
you can create the same effect as exists on multi-layered,
tempered, reflecting, or colored glass.
Once SUNSTROLLTM is installed, its various functions are designed to last
SUNSTROLLTM guarantees you a much more comfortable environment,
helps reduce energy costs, and provides protection from harmful UV rays.

Kolon Industries, Inc. http://ikolon.com/eng/films/window/sunstroll....html

Dry Film Photo Resist

We are pleased to introduce one of our newest products,
dry film resist,or DFR. This product is used for making
patterns for printed circuit boards (PCB) requiring extremely
high resolution.
Kolon Industries, Inc. http://ikolon.com/eng/films/dry_film/dry_film....html


SCEN'A brand videotape is the culmination of three
decades of experience in developing sophisticated technology
and materials.

Combining ultra-fine magnetic particles and Kolon's
innovative polyester film base, it offers consumers extraordinary
accuracy in both image and sound.

The quality of any videotape is measured by image clarity, detail,
color saturation, audio reproduction, signal-to-noise ratio, freedom
from "dropout" and durability.

Kolon Industries, Inc. http://ikolon.com/eng/films/media/media.html

Metallized Film

The advantages of both metal and plastic films have been
incorporated into metallized film, offering consumers
much more versatility in application.

ASTROLL's outstanding properties of heat stability,
transparency and durability allow successful vacuum
metallizing, and offers tremendous potential for developing
new products.
Kolon Industries, Inc. http://ikolon.com/eng/films/metalized/intro...html

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